About Us

Innovation that is shaping the future of healthcare

MedAvail Technologies Inc. is a healthcare technology company commercializing a self-service kiosk solution, the MedAvail MedCenter®, supporting the dispensing of prescription drugs and Over-The-Counter medications. The MedAvail Medcenter® can be deployed in remote sites such as employer locations, clinics, hospitals and retail locations. MedAvail believes that its solution is  a global leader, encompassing key features such as:

  1. Live two-way audio-visual link to a pharmacist or pharmatech
  2. 24/7 availability
  3. Complete dispense control by the remote pharmacist
  4. Plug-and-play capability, to facilitate scaled roll-outs
  5. Support for varying types of dispense workflows
  6. A robust enabling platform with integrated management tools
  7. Ability to integrate with corporate legacy systems

Pharmacies on a worldwide basis are identifying ways to extend their reach to gain market share. This involves optimizing current assets, such as retail locations to include extending services within the pharmacy and implementing solutions, to reduce the cost of dispense. Pharmacy businesses in developed countries are experiencing slow prescription growth, resulting in a drive towards gaining market share from competitors through innovative solutions. On the other hand, developing countries and markets are demonstrating accelerated growth in prescription medications, paving the way for easy deployment of the MedAvail MedCenter® as it is tailor-made to capture this growth.

Market analysis has identified in excess of 20,000 potential locations for our dispensing technology in the US alone. While the US market is significant, market interest has been expressed from the UK, Singapore, South Africa and Canada.