Patient Experience

Convenient and easy to use

The MedCenter allows pharmacy services to be available to patients in convenient and visible locations, namely, where they live, work, and visit their healthcare providers.

The machine interface is clean, intuitive, and consistent with other touch screen systems such as ATMs that are in widespread use today. Moreover, since consultation and release authorization must be available per regulation, human help is available at any time through a two-way audio video connection with a healthcare professional. As an ADA-compliant system, the MedCenter is designed to be accessible to patients with mobility, hearing, and visual impairments, with bold visual cues such as flashing LED panels to highlight current actions, audio volume control and alternative screen controls in a wheelchair reach-accessible zone.

The MedCenter uses occupancy detection to sense when a human is positioned in front of the MedCenter and switches from billboard mode into welcome mode. In the welcome mode, an instructional video is presented to the patient to explain how the MedCenter works. The video below is a generic sample of the welcome video.

Welcome video on the MedCenter's touch screen